TSR is pleased to announce intelliSSL™ LED replacement lamp solutions for wireless lighting installations for Smart Homes and Smart Businesses.  intelliSSL™ is specifically designed for LED lighting that meets wireless performance and LED lighting quality.  intelliSSL is based on TSR’s patent pending moduLED™.  TSR’s SSL Plastics™ designs offer the complete solution for Smart Lighting by eliminating wireless signal interference revalent in conventional metal based housings used for heat sinking.   TSR’s patent pending antenna integration enhances speed and data integrity of Wi-Fi connectivity.   The intelliSSL™ LED lamps support 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4-based networking for IP addressability.

The integration of wireless radios and antennas further benefit from TSR’s SSL 360 Design Suite methodology.  intelliSSL™ is designed specifically for wireless LED lighting. TSR’s design approach focuses on the advantages of wireless in lighting and securing a facility:

  • integration with daylight to harvest additional energy savings
  • motion detectors to activate lighting only when the area is occupied
  • future connectivity as a hub for other wireless devices